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Below are a selection of my books, book chapters and articles.  You can also find my CV here.



In my first book I develop a principal-agent model of civil-military relations and use it to understand the difference between British and US adaptations to insurgencies.


Examining the relations among governors led me fairly quickly to networks. This volume, edited with Oliver Westerwinter, looks specifically at governance around security issues. j


My 2005 book examines the growth of the market for force and its impact on controlling forces. The market changes this control among states, not for profit  organizations and corporations.


A product of interactions with my Sié Center colleagues, my latest edited volume develops a logic of “civil” action, and shows how it affects the dynamics of violence in Syria, Peru, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Spain, and Colombia. 


Inspired by the importance of different authorities for governance, this co-edited volume (with Martha Finnemore and Susan Sell) began theorize the agents of global governance: 'global governors' by looking at their relationships.

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